Sabine Timoteo (Toni), Julia Hummer (Nina)   Benno Fürmann (Oliver)   Aurélien Recoing (Pierre), Marianne Basler (Françoise)


Françoise keeps going back to Berlin. Each time, she hopes to somehow find her daughter who was stolen there years ago. Her compassionate husband Pierre has once again come to patiently stand by her.

Nina is a vulnerable girl, alone in the world except for the social workers at the home for problem teenagers. She finds an ally in reckless Toni, a tough young woman who grabs what she wants to survive. Together they experience a fleeting moment of intimacy, an instant ofhappiness.

During her desperate search across the city, Françoise comes across Nina. The resemblance is uncanny. She has the same scar on her ankle ...

Director Christian Petzold draws his characters in a few, intensive scenes. He approaches them gently, aware of their vulnerability and careful not to expose it. The film composes a mosaic of three women; their inapproachability, their transitoriness, their longings, which turn into sudden moments of great intimacy. Julia Hummer and Sabine Timoteo, along with Marianne Basler and Aurélien Recoing appear in Christian Petzold’s fifth film with SCHRAMM FILM Koerner & Weber.



Julia Hummer · Sabine Timoteo · Marianne Basler · Aurélien Recoing · Benno Fürmann · Anna Schudt · Claudia Geissler · Philipp Hauß · Victoria v. Trauttmansdorf · Peter Kurth  · Director: Christian Petzold · Director of Photography: Hans Fromm bvk · Editor: Bettina Böhler · Set Decorator: Kade Gruber · Costume Supervisor: Anette Guther · Casting: Simone Bär, Sylvie Brocheré · Music: Stefan Will, Marco Dreckkötter · Production Sound mixer: Martin Steyer · Sound Recordist: Andreas Mücke-Niesytka · Steadicam: Tilmann Büttner · Production Manager: Dorissa Berninger · Commissioning Editors: Bettina Reitz (BR), Andreas Schreitmüller (ARTE), Michel Reihlac (ARTE France Cinéma) · Coproducer: Anne-Dominique Toussaint · Producer: Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Michael Weber · Screenplay: Christian Petzold · Harun Farocki

A Coproduction from SCHRAMM FILM Koerner & Weber with Les Films des Tournelles · Bayerischer Rundfunk / ARTE · ARTE France Cinéma. Funded by Filmförderungsanstalt · BKM Kulturelle Filmförderung des Bundes · Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

GER 2005, 35 mm, 1:1:85, 85 min, Dolby Digital



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